House Rules

1. The member must be present with a valid ID card to be allowed in with his/her guests. Any guests must be accompanied by a member unless pre organized by the management.

2. Members must arrive before guests and guests are not allowed to remain on the premises if the member has left. Guests of members will have to sign in providing their details on arrival.

3. Members are welcome to bring up to 5 guests with them to the club per day without a reservation, any more must be confirmed 24h before with the venue manager.
These guests are bound by house rules and their behaviour within the club is the responsibility of the member that invited them.
Any breach of house rules may result in the cancellation of one’s membership without refund.

4. The management have the right to refuse entry to a member, or their guests, irrespective of membership level.

5. Please note, when we have reached our capacity additional members will not be granted access to the building. Please come early or call our reservations line to book an area for later entry.

6. Membership shall be paid annually by Direct Debit.

7. The management have the right to revoke a membership at any time. 8. Membership fees are non-refundable.

9. Over 21’s only.

10. Dress code: no flip flops, tracksuits or shorts.11. The following are strictly prohibited within the club and may result in a member being banned:
• Photography.
• Drug taking or possession of drugs.
• Smoking.
• Violence.
• Verbal abuse to other guests or staff.
• Theft.
• Intentional damage to fixtures and/or fittings (any damage will
be billed to the guest or member at fault).

12. We have a responsibility to our neighbours’ welfare and will not permit loud or disruptive behaviour outside the club. Noise should be kept to a minimum. Please ensure you leave quietly.

13. All bills must be settled at point of sale or before leaving. Any unpaid bills will be processed by management on the same day.

14. No children are permitted in the club without express permission of the management and if allowed, must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Minors are not permitted in the venue after 8pm.

15. Personal information and bank details may be kept by the club during the period of membership. These details will be deleted on cancellation of the membership. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that all membership fees can be processed successfully. Failure may result in cancellation of the membership.

16. Cancellation Policy for Members paying by Direct Debit:
Your club membership will automatically renew each year, with membership fees payable yearly in advance.
By setting up a Direct Debit payment members acknowledge that this payment will be taken annually unless cancelled in writing at least 10 days prior to your renewal date.
To cancel your membership please email info@thekingshead- and contact your bank to arrange for the cancellation of your Direct Debit payment.
Please note that once payment for membership fees has been made these are non-refundable.

The King’s Head Team